How to Open Your Pool

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With Memorial Day coming up, you’ll want that pool open before this weekend! Here is a step by step instructions with a in-depth tutorial video of how to open your pool!

Step One: Gather all Fixtures

Step Two: Return All fixtures

Step Three: Plug into Power

Step Four: Open Water Flow valves

Step Five: Turn from “Winter” to “Waste”

Step Six: Unlock Pool Cover Fastenings & Secure Screws

Step Seven: Remove Pool Cover

Step Eight: Pull the Skimmer Plug

Step Nine: Purge the Pool Pump

Step Ten: While this is going on, Your Partner can clean the Cover

Step Eleven: Turn Pump on to remove excess water

Step Twelve: Agitate Water and scrub

Step Thirteen: Remove the Freeze plugs

Step Fourteen: Switch Dial from waste to recirculate

Step Fifteen: Raise PH

Step Sixteen: Pour in Shock

Step Seventeen: Get Results

Remember to follow safety guidelines and consult your pool’s specific equipment manuals for detailed instructions. Additionally, the video tutorial you mentioned can be a valuable resource for visual guidance during the pool opening process.

Watch the video for a more in-depth tutorial of how to open your pool

For more How To’s Watch Foss Fixes Here!

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